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"Gerrad Everard is a lean, mean, bisexual machine as Frank N Furter. He knows when to slip into full diva mode and his hysterical fits are a joy to behold."


-Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star 2006



"Disc Cirque cast, The Bee Gees were fantastic, Gerrad Everard stole the show for humour, providing a great many of the laughs."


-Heather Roberts, BuzzOn, Charlottetown PEI 2009



"There's also something wonderfully adorable about Gerrad Everard's Rocky, bulging biceps and tousled blond locks matched up with a Shirley Temple lisp. "


-Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star  2007



"It's also worth the price of admission just to see Gerrad Everard's take on Rod Stewart. He and the cast give an energetic performance guaranteed to have you shakin' your booty."


-Racheal McCaig , Yummy Mummy 2009



"Gerrad Everard burns a patch off the stage in his turn as rocker/disco star Rod Stewart."


-Hamilton Spectator, Gary Smith, 2008



"People telling me about "this incredible performer who captured Mick Jagger on stage in tight leather pants." That performer was Gerrad Everard and the description was accurate  down to the swagger and movements, he recreates Mick Jagger perfectly." 


-Jason Clevett, Magazine



"Audience Favorite! Gerrad Everard, an infectiously - charasmatic whippet of a performer"


-Brampton Guardian, 2005



"Jagger is deftly handled... vocals, strutting and lips were right on target"


-Calgary Herald, 2004



"Long, lean Gerrard Everard, that beanpole of a boy, makes the right moves as [Frank N. Furter], giving his queen of transvestites an androgynous kick"


-Hamilton Spectator, 2006



"Gerrad Everard, the ham of the show! His Mick Jagger impression alone is worth seeing."


-Shannon,  Sweet Stuff 2009





"Rippling blonde stud Rocky (Gerrad Everard) are given memorable treatment, with each actor displaying great comedic timing, along with lots of skin."


-Xtra Toronto, 2007



"Fabio-esque romance novel coverhunk"


-Torontoist, 2007



"Gerrad Everard played Rocky and fit the role well with his chiseled body and excellent comedic timing. And he successfully maintained an air of innocence in a theatrical world of taboos."


-The Unite, Winnipeg MB, 2007



Audience favourite Gerrad Everard, an infectiously-charismatic whippet of a performer who elicited whoops of approval for his energetic rendition of [Bobby Darin]'s Splish Splash, clad only in a bath towel."


-Katherine Sealey, Brampton Guardian, 2007



"Gerrad Everard stole the night. He held nothing back playing the mad transvestite, Dr. Frank N. Furter"


-TorontoLiveTheatre, 2006

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